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Botox® application is the most popular aesthetic surgical intervention all over the world today. The product, which is commercially available under the name Botox®, contains a bacterial toxin called “Botulinum Toxin-A”. This substance prevents muscle contraction by blocking the chemical transmission of neural stimuli from the nerve end to muscle tissue. Botox® presented to professional use today, gives the administrating physician the opportunity to use this effect in a limited and controlled fashion. Thus, only a desired part of the muscle can be paralyzed.

Medical popularity of Botox® is the result of its dramatic effect on wrinkles. It’s been understood that preventing the contraction of some muscle parts lead to the resolution of the wrinkles on the overlying skin. Today, studies on doses and points of application provided us the exact ability to get rid of the facial wrinkles without impairing tha natural look or loosing natural mimics. However, the only professionals capable of succesfully conducting this critical intervention are plastic surgeons, who have a deep knowledge on facial anatomy. Injections by unauthorized people may result in serious complications like “mask-face”.

Botox applications are simple, painless procedures completed in a few minutes. The effect begins 3 to 7 days after applications and lasts up to 6 months. When this period is complete, the patient slowly returns to pre-application appearance. There are two main benefits of the procedure: Having a 6 months of wrinkle-free period, and postponing the “deepening” of the wrinkles. The latter is quite important for delaying facial aging.

Wrinkles are not the only indication for Botox® use. The same agent is also used to prevent sweating fort he same durations in certain areas like hands, feet and armpits, by blocking the neurotransmission to sweat glands in a similar manner. These applications are very useful especially in the spring season, promising a whole comfortable summer.

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