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Breast Augmentation

Breast tissue, which has been accepted to be the symbol of femininity during the human history, is the most important complementary item of the overall female body aesthetics. Various genetic and constitutional factors result in small or insufficient sized breasts, that are disproportionate to the rest of the body. This situation deeply affects the female psychology and quality of life.

To solve this problem, lots of different techniques have been tried recently, however it’s later understood that none of these methods were as succesful as the silicone breast prostheses. A large number of multicenter studies have proved that today’s breast prostheses are absolutely safe. Breast augmentation operations are “maximum patient satisfaction” procedures, as the patient feels a significant improvement as soon as she wakes up from anesthesia.

Before the breast augmentation operation; general health conditions, amount of default breast tissue, general body morphology, dimensions and the expectations of the patient are evaluated in details. This physical evaluation is very important, as it’s closely related to how natural the final result is. The purpose is to augment the breasts to a satisfactory size for the patient, without impairing the natural look. After physical evaluation, final decisions including the implant’s volume, shape, surface properties and the place of implantation, are made, and explained to the patient. An informed consent form is signed, and the patient is scheduled for surgery.

When performed by a professional team, the operation is a well tolerated procedure, which is usually completed in 1 to 1.5 hour. The groove under the breast (submammar fold) is the most popular site of incision, while skin-areola junction can be preferred too. Both of these locations can hide the scars well, that’s why they are preferred. Implants are not placed “into” the breast tissue. Instead, they’re implanted underneath the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle (a fan-shaped muscle between the breast tissue and the ribs), where the implants are not in contact with breast tissue. Therefore, the implants do not interfere with lactation or breast-feeding.

At the end of the operation, the patient wakes up with bandages around her breasts. A one-night hospital stay may be necessary. After the first control on next morning, the patient is invited to the 3rd, 7th and 10th day controls. After day 3, the patient is free for all daily activities, including shower. In the early post-operative period, breasts are in a “swollen” appearance, due to tissue edema. This appearance gradually shifts to a natural breast shape in approximately 6 months with the resolution of edema. The textured-surface implants used today, prevent rippling and displacement, and on the other hand minimize capsule formation around them.

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