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Breast Reduction

Exaggerated breast size negatively effects a woman’s quality of life in many ways. Oversized breasts make the whole female body look massier and wider than it really is. Besides aesthetic disfigurement, health problems such as spinal deformities, neck-shoulder-back pain, itching and even fungal infections under the breast, are common consequences of oversized breasts. Big-size breasts are prone to sagging at younger ages.

Reducing the size of a big breast in an aesthetically pleasant fashion, is a longer and more complicated procedure than augmenting a small breast. Here, the aim is to transform a saggy and big breast to an upright-looking breast of appropriate size, and to do this by leaving least scars possible and obtaining a natural final form. Today, numerous different techniques are in use for breast reduction. The decision of the technique to be employed is made according to some patient-specific variables, like age, breast size, symmetry (or asymmetry), anatomic features etc. Current techniques which are used for most patients leave fine scars around the areola and along a line drawn from the areola to the mid-point of the infra-mammary fold. However, these scars become less appearant in time and are generally do not create disturbance to the patient after one year.

Patients may need a 1 to 2 day hospitalization following the operation. After the 5th day control visit, the patient is free for all daily activities. The healing period has already started then. At the beginning of this course, the breasts look abnormally upright and artificially tight. But in time, when the gravitational displacement of tissues are complete, the breast gains its final natural form permanently. This process generally lasts up to one year.

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