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Eye-contact is the first step of social interaction between people. When we look at one’s face, our attention focuses on the eyes first. Hence, eyes and eyelids are have a major importance in overall facial aesthetics.

Due to aging, some special medical conditions, and genetic issues, a variety of anatomic changes occur in the eyelids. Even a minor deformity in the eyelids will corrupt one’s glances, and consequently the whole facial expression. Eyelid changes due to aging, generally exhibit themselves as excess skin and bagging. The former is more evident in the lower eyelids. This view, which is frequently exagerrated by some factors like sleeplessness, fatigue and stress, is the key element of facial aging. The heavy load of excessive skin and fat on the upper eyelids multiplies the effort neded to lift the eyelids, especially during up-gaze. Both the unpleasant view and the weight increase in eyelids impair the quality of life, resulting in a search for professional assistance. The only solution for this problem is an operation called a “blepharoplasty”.

Patients presenting with eyelid complaints undergo a detailed physical examination first. The eyelid function is carefully assessed, scored and a surgical plan is set up. In this plan, technical details and the algorithm of the operation is clarified, and disclosed to the patient. Technically, eyelid surgery is a meticulous work for the surgeon, as the eyelid anatomy is quite complicated, including a number of crucial structures. If blepharoplasty is going to be performed alone, local anesthesia with or without sedation is enough, however general anesthesia is more comfortable for combined procedures. Swelling and bruising in the eyelids generally resolved 5 to 7 days after surgery. Eyelids, having a relatively high skin quality, exhibit a rapid and neat wound healing ability, resulting in superior cosmetic results and invisible scars.

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