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Liposuction and Body Contouring

The sense of an impressive body is created by neat body contours. Borders between some structures like buttocks, waist and thigh, thin areas like knees, ankles and neck curve have great importance in creating the overall body silhouette. Localized fatty deposits in such critical areas is a common problem which leads to significant distortion of body image. This problem generally appears as the loss of feminine curves and a “coarse” look in the female body, whereas it leads to thickening of the belly and thighs in the male body. This unpleasant sight is a source of unhappiness for both sexes, and may be insistent against weight loss.

Today, the only effective treatment for localized fatty deposits, is so called “liposuction”. Liposuction can be defined as destruction and vacuum-removal of fatty tissue, after inflation of the tissue with some special solutions. This operation is limited to fatty tissue only, where fat is damaged while deeper tissues and skin are preserved. A 3-mm. incision is made on the skin, and the rest of the procedure is carried out by the help of metal tubes called “cannulas” which are inserted through this small incision.
Liposuction has two main important effects: First one is the physical removal of excess fat. The second and more important effect is triggering the wound healing process by damaging the fat, resulting in a tighter and smoother tissue. Moreover, the “cellulite” appearance is relieved to some degree, as the subcutaneous bands responsible for cellulitic dimples are broken during the procedure. Today, conventional liposuction may be combined with ultrasonic waves and laser, with regard to their possible effect of tightening. However, liposuction is stil the mainstay of visible amelioration.

Liposuction can be performed under general or local anesthesia, depending on the extent of the procedure. Limited applications do not require hospital stay, and the patient can go back to home or work in a couple of hours. However, wide application sites and large volumes may necessiate general anesthesia and single-day hospital stay. Liposuction may be performed in combination with other procedures like abdominoplasty, breast surgery, arm or leg operations. Healing period is quite comfortable and painless. There may be some amount of bruising and swelling in the operated area in the first postoperative days, which heal rapidly in the first week. Liposuction does not interfere with the daily or sport activities of the patient.

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