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Lips have both aesthetic and functional importance in the human face. Besides their role in overall facial beauty, they are responsible for some everyday actions like speech, facial expression, smiling, and kissing. They are also accepted to be a sexual symbol which attracts the opposite sex, for both men and women. This role of the lips ignites the wish for having striking and outstanding lips.

The red and glossy part of the lips seen from outside is called “vermilion”. There are two major factors that make the lips look more attractive: thickness of the vermilion, and definition of the border between the vermilion and normal skin. In some people, one or both of these factors may be absent or insufficcient. Treatment of this absence or insufficiency is quite easy today, with the help of injectible fillers and minor surgical interventions. Thus, lip alterations have become one of the most popular aesthetic surgical procedures.

There are a number of filler materials for lip thickening and border defining. Hyaluronic acid, which is announced to be absolutely safe by the US and EU health authorities, is the most popular content today. Hyaluronic acid is a part of the natural human skin, and is anyhow produced naturally by the connective tissue cells. Thus, injectable hyaluronic acid is biologically inert and problem-free. Just like the naturally produced hyaluronic acid, the injected material also joins the tissue turnover and undergoes enzymatic breakdown. Depending on constitutional properties, injected hyaluronic acid disappears approximately 12 to 16 months after injection.

Even though it looks like a simple procedure, the injection must be performed by a plastic surgeon, in order to get a natural and non-exagerrated result in a safe way. Also, content of the injectable filler should be asked to the doctor, and a record slip including the commercial brand, interigents and expiry date of the product must be requested.

Permanent surgical techniques for thickening the lips are present as well. However these are technically detailed and delicate interventions. Therefore, evaluation of a patient for such a procedure is only available after a face-to-face physical examination.

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