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Breasts, just like the rest of the human soft tissues, sag and loosen in time, along with the process of aging. This, so called “ptosis”, can be evident at younger ages in some individuals. Natural events like pregnancy and lactation, which rapidly alter the breast size, have an important role in this process. The problem generally originates from loosening and sagging of the breast skin, improportionate to the volume of the breast tissue inside. Existing breast volume shifts downwards, together with the elongated skin envelope. In these breasts, the nipple-areola complex is also displaced towards the inferior pole of the sagging breast, exceeding the infra-mammary crease. The resultant picture is quite unpleasant for the modern woman, leading to a search for well-shaped, fresh and “alive” breasts.

This problem is solved by a surgical intervention called “mastopexy”. Simply, mastopexy is moving the displaced breast tissue to where it should be, and at the same time removing the excess breast skin. This operation can be performed in combination with volume augmentation or reduction. Therefore, the sagging problem can be solved and the desired breast volume can be achieved simultaneously.

As mastopexy operations exhibit a wide spectrum of complexity; it’s difficult to pronounce certain figures for variables like operation duration, need for hospitalization, course of healing, etc. These parameters significantly differ from patient to patient. However, like most of the aesthetic surgical procedures, it takes almost a year to reach the final outcome.

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