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Operations for the Arms & Legs

In individuals who have a labile weight balance, that is, who gain and loose large amounts of weight in relatively short periods, sagging of the arms and legs may be present, in addition to breast and abdominal sagging. This problem seriously distorts the body image, leading to unhappiness.

Excess tissue in the arms and legs is a critical medical condition which should be evaluated very carefully. Treatment planis set up according to the features and amount of excess tissue. Mild deformities and fat-rich tissues can be easily removed by liposuction alone. However, depending on the extent and severity of the deformity, open surgical approach may be indicated. Liposuction is a relatively simple operation, with shorter operation and healing times (approx. 4-7 days). Open surgery is a more complex procedure, and the extent of the operation is different for each patient. Length of the operation and healing period, location and length of the surgical scars are also variables.

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