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Scar Treatment

Any insult that damages the skin integrity results in scarring. Actually, what we name as “scar tissue” is the natural outcome of one of the most impressive miracles of nature, the wound healing. However, this outcome usually interferes with aesthetic beauty, and is considered as something that must be hidden. They do not only impair cosmetic appearance, but also cause functional failure of crucial areas like eyelids, mouth, hands, feet and genitalia; leading to significant decrease in quality of life. Due to social, psychologic and functional reasons, scars havebecome problems that people want to get rid of, in the modern societies.

Surgical wounds and stitch scars (if performed adequately) usually heal better than other scars. But it’s not only the quality of the surgical procedure that makes up the final result. “Scar tendency” of the patient, which is completely related to the constitutional features, is of significant importance. Extensive wounding in an individual may heal with light scarring, while a minor incision may lead to large unsightly scars in another.

Another determinant of scarring for both traumatic/surgical wounds and burns is the depth of injury. İnjuries that penetrate through the overall skin thickness leave permanent scars, while superficial abrasions usually heal without scarring.

A patient complaining from any kind of scarring should first undergo functional evaluation, investigating if the scar(s) cause functional impairment. Functional recovery is targeted at first place, followed by cosmetic improvement. There is a wide variety of functional and cosmetic interventions used for scar treatment. These therapeutic approaches range from simple topical medications to extensive surgery. Decision to employ which one(s) of these numerous options can only be made after a thorough plastic surgery examination. Scar treatment is a long course that requires patience and good cooperation of the surgeon and the patient. One should always keep in mind that,in most instances, the aim of scar treatment is not to make it disappear completely; instead it’s to hide the scar or to transform it into a less visible one.

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