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The Aging Face

Aging, which is one of the most difficult-to-accept realities of nature, is an inevitable process for every single individual. Together with the power and abilities of youth, the visual freshness also fades away in time, leaving a more tired, and “weary” look. Visual aging proceeds in a different way for every face, depending on unique constitutional properties of the individual. Therefore, it’s impossible to find a single solution suitable for everyone. Hence, setting up a specific plan for every single patient is the essential approach of modern facial plastic surgery.

Basicly, facial changes due to aging are the results of displacement and down-shifting of some deep and/or superficial soft tissues.On the other hand, cumulative effects of sunlight, chemicals and activity of facial mimic muscles lead to skin aging, which discloses itself with roughness, stains and more strikingly, wrinkles. Onset of these symptoms may be anytime between mid twenties to early fourties depending on the genetic and environmental features of the patient, and they can be in varying severity independent from the age.

Aesthetic interventions for the aging face are distributed in a wide spectrum ranging from simple “touches” to complex operations. A plastic surgeon is the only authority to guide a patient when choosing the right procedure(s). Complaints and demands of the patient, together with the recommendations of the surgeon, will lead to a surgical plan. Successful results are achieved by employment of one or more of the modern techniques, such as botox injections, soft tissue fillers, eyelid surgery, face-lifting, lip shaping, and facial rejuvenation with laser or chemical peeling. Details of these procedures are explained under the related titles.

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